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A Day in the Life

Morning in Camp

A typical river day begins with the sun peaking over the canyon rim to knock the night-time chill from the air and the Canyon Wren’s falling series of gentle whistles to greet the day. The group joins for coffee, tea and fruit juice as you watch the sun climb the walls of the canyon while listening to the river flow pass. As you soak in the surrounding beauty, smells of a fantastic river breakfast fill the air.

Following breakfast and after packing your personal gear, enjoy time to read, take a short hike, swim, or just relax alongside the river. Around 10am we will gather for the daily “Chalk Talk”, a time to discuss what to expect during the day. Typical items include upcoming whitewater rapids, potential interpretive stops, and side hikes. You will also have your choice of which type of boat you would like to ride in: a guided oar boat, an inflatable kayak (duckie), a stand-up paddle board or a guided paddle raft. Once personal floatation devices (PFD’s) are fastened properly and you are in your craft of choice, we bid farewell to the gear boat and hit the river.

On the River

While floating, relax in the calm sections of river before the much-anticipated whitewater. While floating, catch a fish, try your hand at the oars, scan the canyon walls for wildlife such as Big Horn Sheep, Black Bear, deer, elk, and look to the sky for soaring Bald and Golden Eagles, Great Blue Heron, Osprey and many other species of bird life.And then off in the distance you hear a low rumble and see a faint splash of white foam on the horizon line. Hearts begin racing just a little as we approach a rapid. Depending on the rapid, our group will stop to “scout” our route through the whitewater. We’ll pull the boats over and hike to a “bird’s-eye” vantage point of the rapid. The guides will discuss the best way through the rapid with the group. And then you’re off through adrenaline-charged whitewater!


After a morning of floating and whitewater, we select a spot on the river with a nice swimming hole, interpretive location, or cool shade to escape the sun as we enjoy a delicious river lunch.

Afternoon/Evening in Camp

We will catch up to the gear boat in camp late in the afternoon. Your tent will be ready for you upon arrival. Following a brief camp orientation, settle into your home for the night. Once settled in, you will have opportunities to go for a hike up a side canyon, lounge near the water, go fishing, swim, play many of our favorite river games, or just curl up and read from your favorite book. We always have snacks available and refreshing appetizers served before dinner.

Following the heat of the day, the guides will prepare the evening meal. Our guides will always surprise you with their culinary skills, amazing you at the bounty they pull from their boats. After we dine in our 5-star riverside restaurant, the group will settle in for an evening of telling tales and playing games around the campfire. There are always many stories to share, from tales of the day running the rapids to other stories of life’s wonderful experiences.

As the fire begins to fade, the stars will illuminate the sky. When you retreat to your wonderful river-side bed, be prepared for potentially the best night’s sleep of your life. You will be lulled to sleep by the sound of the river flowing by, the sight of shooting stars in the sky, the memories of the previous days on the river, and the anticipation of the days to come.