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Local Foods

We are committed to serving local foods produced in the Wallowa Valley region and are fortunate to have great local suppliers for salad greens, vegetables, eggs, coffee (roasting), and most of our meats (grass-fed beef and free range chicken). We support quality agriculture from farmers and ranchers who care about their animals and the land. And darn it, local foods just taste good!

Local food suppliers:

Customer service is one of our top priorities. We cater to a variety of food needs/wishes. You will experience good ‘ole southern hospitality and food that consistently exceeds the definition of “camp food”. Winding Waters River Expeditions is renowned for our delicious menu (check out our RIVER RECIPES page). We begin each river morning with fresh coffee roasted locally at Red Horse Coffee Traders, juice, and an food_plate_pitchfork2012assortment of teas. Breakfasts typically include french toast, locally-raised bacon, breakfast burritoes, fresh fruit, homemade granola, yogurt, sausage, pancakes…you get the picture.

hcwineLunch items often include a variety of wraps, salads, hearty “big as your head” sandwiches, and fresh-baked cookies. For dinner, feast on entrees like the “best hamburger you will ever have” made of locally raised grassfed beef from 6 Ranch Corriente and Carman Ranch in northeast Oregon, grilled turkish_breakfastImnaha River Chinook and Columbia River Sockeye Salmon or a Thai green curry with chicken. Sides include items like potato mashers, a fresh salad of locally grown greens with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette, wild rice, stuffed red peppers and fresh bread. For dessert, enjoy dutch-oven specialties like pineapple upside-down cake and triple-fudge brownies. In addition to these meals, we also cater to the needs of vegetarians and others with special menu considerations.

We always have plenty of ice for all beverages and will keep all of your beverages cold. Additionally, we are happy to provide “kid friendly meals” such as burgers, hot dogs, or peanut butter and jelly. Let us know your favorites.