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2016 Season Slideshow: Smiles, Sun, and Silly

The 2016 Summer Rafting Season is a Wrap! Typically not a term we like to use in the rafting business, but it fits here! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite pix from the season. Forgive us for not including every smiling face we had on the river with us. I think you’ll enjoy this slideshow nonetheless. We also included some videos below from our trips.

Brian & the Dutch Oven Love - Photo Kendrick Moholt
An early season photo with Todd Kruger
Yes, a Stand-Up Base came along on the river!
Blue Canyon
Della Mae playing on the rafts!!
Group Photo in Hells Canyon - Photo Ellen Bishop
Ok, Mike, we won't take this photo. 🙂
Camp Tranquility - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Bocce Fun - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Beautiful Canyons - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Hells Canyon Wildflowers & Sunset - Photo Ellen Bishop
Sunset in Hells Canyon - Photo Ellen Bishop
Huge Cricket!
Robin- Hoola Hoop Master!! - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Beach Volleyball
Whitewater!! - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Della Mae Band loading onto the shuttle to the Salmon River
Paddlers Unite!
Della Mae Band performing on the Salmon River
Ducky Fun! - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Paddle Raft Fun - Photo by Kendrick Moholt
Happy times
Photo Kendrick Moholt
Brandon rocking the mandolin
Canyon Peace - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Della Mae playing on the rafts
Mark in the Saddle - Photo by Kendrick Moholt


Below is a wonderful video created by Madi Bares, a talented 16 year old guest on our July Music For Wild Places Trip!