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2016 Season Slideshow: Smiles, Sun, and Silly

The 2016 Summer Rafting Season is a Wrap! Typically not a term we like to use in the rafting business, but it fits here! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite pix from the season. Forgive us for not including every smiling face we had on the river with us. I think you’ll enjoy this slideshow nonetheless. We also included some videos below from our trips.

Beach Volleyball
Brian & the Dutch Oven Love - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Camp Tranquility - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Photo Kendrick Moholt
Whitewater!! - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Ok, Mike, we won't take this photo. 🙂
Della Mae playing on the rafts!!
Beautiful Canyons - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Bocce Fun - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Hells Canyon Wildflowers & Sunset - Photo Ellen Bishop
Robin- Hoola Hoop Master!! - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Paddle Raft Fun - Photo by Kendrick Moholt
Brandon rocking the mandolin
Group Photo in Hells Canyon - Photo Ellen Bishop
Paddlers Unite!
Blue Canyon
Yes, a Stand-Up Base came along on the river!
Della Mae Band performing on the Salmon River
An early season photo with Todd Kruger
Della Mae playing on the rafts
Della Mae Band loading onto the shuttle to the Salmon River
Happy times
Mark in the Saddle - Photo by Kendrick Moholt
Ducky Fun! - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Huge Cricket!
Canyon Peace - Photo Kendrick Moholt
Sunset in Hells Canyon - Photo Ellen Bishop


Below is a wonderful video created by Madi Bares, a talented 16 year old guest on our July Music For Wild Places Trip!