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Boathouse Sign & the Work Projects Administration

We have been pondering for months now what our new “billboard” sign should look like. Here’s the current version below.
We needed something colorful and fun to say “come on a trip with us!”. We’re on a great path now and it should be done in early May, just in time for the river season. Here’s the story of how the sign evolved. Paul, Linden and I had just taken a trip this past October to Zion National Park. I have a big soft spot in my heart for the National Park posters done by the Work Projects Administration (WPA) back in the 1930’s and 40’s. The Zion National Park poster is no exception.
Paul and I had dreams of our billboard sign having the style of one of these WPA signs. Then, out of the blue one day this winter, Jon Rombach mentioned how he thought it would look cool as a WPA style sign. So there you go. And better yet, Jon used to work for a sign company, so he knows how to do something like that! Needless to say we commissioned him to do our billboard. So far, it looks great! Here’s a sneak peak at the mock-up:


Jon’s big task is to take this 24″ x 36″ mock-up and enlarge it to 8 foot high x 24 foot wide. I’ll keep you posted as we go, but here’s the beginning. Notice the white light in the lower left-hand corner. That’s a projector Jon’s using to enlarge images and draw them on the scene. Very clever.


Amidst all of this work, we are also booking lots of trips for the summer. So life is good! Come join us on the Snake River in Hells Canyon, the Salmon River, and/or the Grande Ronde River!