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Is a Guided Fly Fishing Trip Right for Me?


This post written by James Nash, Winding Waters’ Fly Fishing Guide

Is a guided fly fishing trip right for me?

There are two groups of people who will benefit from answering yes to this question. One group is the person who would like to learn more about the quiet sport of fly fishing. The other is the person who is comfortable with their existing skill-set and would like to utilize the guide’s equipment and/or knowledge of the local water and fishery. If either of these sound like you, then let’s go fishing!

I don’t know how to fly fish…but I want to learn. Do you offer fly fishing lessons?
Yes! Fly fishing is at least as complicated as tying your shoe laces and dynamic enough that there is always something else to learn. So, if you have conquered your loop, swoop, and pull then you are of sound enough mind and body to begin learning to fly fish. My philosophy is that there is no clear line between guiding and instructing. I, myself, am always willing to learn but not always willing to be taught and I strive to be sensitive in not handing you more instruction than you feel ready for. I emphasize hands-on learning techniques and minimize lecture and demonstration. In half a day on the 6 Ranch you can learn about equipment, trout behavior, water reading, casting and, probably, how to fight, land, and release, unharmed, a wild rainbow trout. If you want to advance your skills to fly fishing 201 and upwards then come back another day and we will continue to improve our skills.

To book a day of fly fishing with James, visit our Fly Fishing Trips.