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Rafting Trips – the Perfect Mom Vacation

Why our river trips get the Mom Seal of Approval

“Rafting with Winding Waters really redefined family vacation for me. . . We don’t need to travel to an exotic location to have a vacation. We need a place where we can be off screens and having fun together”

 – Beth E. (long time guest and mother of two)

(Blog warning – there’s blatant honesty ahead…)

What are the factors that go into selecting a family vacation? Fun for everyone typically is #1. Yet often times the ‘fun’ overshadows the ease of the trip and, let’s be honest here, moms are generally left burdening the planning surrounding the ‘fun’. Planning accommodations, finding food that everyone likes, and keeping your kids entertained often make vacations more stressful than relaxing.

It is typically moms who contact us to discuss booking a trip for their family, hoping they have found THAT trip – a family vacation for them, too. And they are excited to hear that our rafting trip truly ARE a vacation for moms (and dads), too!

Our trips are great for everyone in the family because they provide space. Space for excitement, relaxation, reconnection, and, most importantly, space for rejuvenation. From food, to safety, to cozy accommodations, we take care of everything so that even the moms can have a vacation. Check out our video below about our family rafting trips.


When considering a whitewater trip for a family vacation, safety is generally the first question we get from moms. We are proud to say that we regularly take kids as young as 5 years old down the river! This accommodation of youngsters on our trips is due to our robust training, protocols, and safety minded-guides. At a minimum, all of our guides are required to be trained in first aid. Many of our guides, including all of our trip leaders, are trained in a 40 hour Wilderness First Responder course and a Swiftwater Rescue course. 

Before we get on the water, we provide an in-depth safety overview that teaches the principles of whitewater and on-shore safety. While safety is always our top priority, we recognize that the river should be an opportunity for fun and adventure! You can choose to do a rock jump, “ride the bull” (sit on the bow of the raft while going through waves), and even navigate the rapids by yourself in an inflatable kayak. 


“The crew was phenomenal – very cognizant of safety but all while ensuring everyone (of any age and any ability) is having fun. They went above and beyond to make this a special trip for the kids – from ducky slides at lunch, to swimming through a rapid, to having mac and cheese available at dinner.” 

  • Kelly P. (Mother of two)

Every mom knows that the key to relaxation is having happy kids that are having fun. This is easy on the river, where the wide open beaches, fun rapids, and inviting swim water make it a natural playground. And our guides are fantastic kid wranglers. By the end of the day, your kids will have perma-grins and be exhausted from all the fun.

And the magic of river trips is that they fit almost everyone’s idea of fun. There are rapids for the thrill seekers, long flat-water sections for the wildlife enthusiasts, games for the competitive natured, and relaxing evenings for those wanting to catch up on reading, or simply enjoy the scenery while drinking a beer. 

We also provide different types of watercraft to fit a variety of comfort levels. For those looking to get active and splashy, we can bring a paddle raft where the passengers paddle with the guide. For those looking for a relaxing ride, we bring several large oar boats where the guide is in complete control. And for those looking for an independent adventure, we bring inflatable kayaks. We do our best to provide the right type of adventure for everyone in your family. 

Reconnection & Screen Free

What if I told you that a high caliber, professional, experienced, safety conscious river crew existed in Joseph, Oregon to ensure that, indeed, your biggest task would involve replenishing your soul and reconnecting with yourself and your family while being constantly in awe of your surroundings? Winding Waters River Expeditions surpassed all of our expectations.”

  • Kelly D. (Mother of one)

At WWRE we operate on “river time” – a slower paced, more present way of living. There is no schedule, no deadlines, and, most importantly, no “to-do” list. This means you can focus on what’s important while we have the details covered. Every evening, you will be greeted by a camp that is already set up with tents, comfortable sleeping pads & cots, and a shady pavilion. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner you will be served home-cooked meals with locally sourced ingredients. Our menu is naturally kid friendly, but if you have a picky eater we always bring back up PB&J and mac’n’cheese. We think of everything, so all you’ll have to worry about is packing your bags. With no to-do list, you will have a lot more time for family and relaxation.

There are so few places we go anymore where we are not connected to a screen. The river is one of those rare places where youstill can’t find a wifi signal. Some of the most common feedback we get from parents is that they derive so much joy from experiencing family time screen free. Plus, there is so much to do and see on the river that even your kids won’t miss their phones. Outside the bounds of a wifi signal, you will be able to focus on fun, family, and renewing relationships.

Ready for the family vacation of a lifetime?

As a family-run company, we know what it takes to provide a great vacation fit for everyone, including the moms. If you are in need of a getaway that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, then check out the variety of trips we offer: Guided Whitewater Rafting Trips

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us directly!