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Top 5 Packing List Items

We provide 99% of the essentials for a great vacation. Here are the top items in the other 1% we recommend:

  • Awesome Water Bottle
  • Good Sun Protection (hat, sunblock, sunglasses)
  • River Shoes
  • Long Sleeved Sun Shirt
  • Waterproof Camera/Case

And for all of the items we recommend, here is our complete Packing List.

Water Bottles:

wwre-hydroflaskHydration is your key to a great vacation on the river. We see A LOT of variety of water bottles. The environment is hot on our trips and water bottles are put through the test. Leave your water bottle sitting in the hot sun for a couple hours and then return to it. Do you want to drink the water? Our preferred choice is Hydroflasks (or the like)- a vacuum-sealed bottle that will keep your water cold or hot, depending on it’s temperature when it entered your bottle. And a top that a carabiner can clip onto, so you can clip your bottle the boat during the big whitewater in Hells Canyon or on the Salmon River.

Good Sun Protection:

The sun is our friend on the river, but managing your exposure will make for a great trip. We start with a good sun hat: one that protects not only your face, but also your ears and neck. And quick dry material is handy if you want to get it wet and wear it on your head. It holds its shape when wet and still protects you. In our Boathouse Shop, we carry a variety of sun protective hats, from Patagonia to Tula Hats.

Quality sunblock and chapstick are also key. Watch for harmful chemicals (like parabens and retinyl palmitate) while looking for long-lasting spf waterproof protection. We apply early and often on the river. We carry a great sunblock and chapstick in the Boathouse Shop you can pick up before your trip.

chaco-sandal-circleRiver Shoes:

Flip flops don’t cut it. You need shoes that will stay on in moving water. Sandals with straps are key. Our guide shoe of choice is Chaco Sandals. Chaco’s Z/Volv is a nice line and gives you great “Chaco Tans”.

Long-Sleeved Shirt:

We’re in the sun the better part of the day. We love our tans, but more importantly, love ways to cover up from the sun for skin protection. A quick-drying, long-sleeved shirt with SPF is an essential piece of clothing on your trip. One with a hood is even better. In our Boathouse Shop, we carry select sun protective shirts from Free-Fly Apparel and Patagonia.

Waterproof Camera/Case:

You will be visiting some of the most beautiful scenery in North America. And creating memories to last ae-case lifetime. Photos and videos are key when time helps the memories fade. Many guests choose to bring their smart phones along. There are a variety of waterproof cases available today for these phones. E-Cases (pictured right) have performed well on the river. Since there’s no cell service or wifi on the river, airport mode helps the battery life last longer, too. As far as cameras go, our favorite river camera is the Pentax Optio WG-2.