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Top 8 Reasons to Go on a Family Rafting Adventure


Looking for the best family vacation in the natural world? Here are the top 8 reasons we believe a whitewater rafting trip is the best family vacation…ever:

1) UNPLUG: from all of the daily distractions (no cell phones, etc.)
2) RECONNECT: with family, friends, self, and nature
3) FUN FOR ALL AGES: everyone has fun on a rafting trip
4) NO WORRIES: let us take care of every last detail
5) CREATE MEMORIES: to last a lifetime
6) EXPERIENCE WILD PLACES TOGETHER: see some of the Pacific Northwest’s most remote country
7) MEET NEW FRIENDS: our guides & guests are wonderful people
8) LEAVE NO TRACE: of your visit, but let these places leave a mark on your soul

“We just returned from a 3-day 2-night rafting trip (in Hells Canyon) with our family of five (children ages 7, 9, and 11). We tend to be picky travelers but I can honestly say there was not one improvement suggestion that I could make. Everything was perfect, including the food, planning, the guides…everything. We rarely take vacations that are 100% relaxing but this was exactly that. Paul, Morgan & co. were phenomenal across the board, fantastic with our kids, and great all around guides. The one change we will make is to go for longer. 2 nights just doesn’t cut it!” ~Pierre, Portland, OR

Getting away for a bit from the modern, technological world not only enhances a family’s time together, it’s proving to be vital to our well-being. We as humans have a symbiotic relationship with nature. Our mental and physical health is largely dependent on the natural world. And nature’s health is largely dependent on us. We understand that providing positive experiences in nature is vital to our guests’ well-being, and also to the health of our river corridors. Baba Dioum, an African Conservationist stated it best in a speech he gave in 1968:

In the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. And we will understand only what we are taught.

Especially when exposed to nature at an early age, our guests will want to return to these natural places for the physical and mental well-being these places provide. And when it comes time to protect the health of our rivers, we know where our guests will stand.

Watch some video testimonials for family rafting with Winding Waters at our YouTube page.