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The Fishing Report

30″ Wild Buck on Wallowa!

This just in!  Tom fished the Wallowa River yesterday and caught a beautiful 30 inch Wild Buck.  He was fishing with our go to Prince Nymph.  Unfortunately we do not have a photo of this beauty only Tom’s word and our imagination.  The fishing is really picking up down there.  The river is clear and holding right around 40 degrees.  I would say that the Spring season on the Wallowa River is a go.

Most folks I have talked to have reported the same thing.  Not quite as many Steelhead being caught as in year’s past but the fish that are being caught are larger on average.  This is demonstrated nicely by Tom’s report of the 30 incher.

We are also hearing good things from the Grande Ronde River.  Jon and I were down there with our buddy Jeff last weekend and caught a nice Wild fish on a nymph even though the flows were on the rise and the color was off.  I think you could have a great day down there as the flows level out again.

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