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The Fishing Report

Friday Feb 19th Wallowa River Fishing Report

I had to go down and see what was going on down on the Wallowa for myself today. Wow what a spectacular day. Another one of those 55 degree sunburn days in February. Doesn’t seem right but I am not complaining.

The water has cleared up a bit from yesterday. It is still a little off colored but has more of that nice green color than the brown color. Water temp was back to 37 degrees. Sun was high and bright. We decided to continue Nymphing as that is what has been working. The Wallowa is a tough river to swing due to it’s size, especially right now. We tied on our #10 Prince Nymphs and got to work.
Tom and I fished for about 3 hours between 10am and 1pm. There was a little more pressure on the river today. We had to go to Tom’s favorite, avoid the crowd, holes that most folks unfamiliar with the river don’t fish. Tom was being kind and putting me into the premier fishy zones. He still caught the first Steelhead after about an hour. After a quick break for a snack he directed us to his honey hole and forced me fish through first. I hooked and landed 2 beautiful Steelhead in about 20 minutes. Then after taking a breather and soaking it up I continued up the run and after about 10 casts hooked a third. I did loose this one but not without a good fight and a few jumps.
I would call the fishing great on the Wallowa right now. Get out there and enjoy some of this incredible weather and get a Fish On. It might snow next week and we will have to go skiing.