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The Fishing Report

Grande Ronde River Steelhead Season!


We are finally ready to begin chasing Grande Ronde River Steelhead again.  The reports are showing some good numbers of fish coming over Lower Granite Dam headed this way.  We have been out a few times last week and did not catch any Steelhead.  We did keep ourselves entertained by hooking up with some nice Rainbows and Bull Trout however.

We are encouraged by last weeks spike in CFS.  The river rose over 2000 cfs and is now back down in the 1,000 range.  This should begin to bring Steelhead upriver.  The river is currently blown out but with the current weather forecast we expect to see the flows stabilize and clear up by the end of the weekend.  This will be just in time for us to spend the next 6 days in the canyon.

Stay tuned for more reports.  We will do our best to keep everyone informed.