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The Fishing Report

Grande Ronde River Steelhead

From Doug Senn Steelhead

Grande Ronde River – February 15, 2009
(Good) A beautiful day on the Grande Ronde River. This day was spent in the Tory, Oregon area. February 15th proved to be uncrowded, sunny and warm. We had the river to ourselves. We did some swinging without success. The water temp is hovering around 33F and the Steelhead were a little sluggish for this.

We began drifting the old standby Prince Nymph and had some success. 1 very large 30 inch Wild Buck was hooked and fought for about 5 minutes before breaking off. What a fish! We will have to come back for that one.

The Fishing should contiue to be good throughout March, especially in the Washington section of the Grande Ronde.