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The Fishing Report

Steelhead Fishing Train Report!

The report is just in from the first weekend of the “Fishing Train”. As you can see in the photo above the weather was just perfect. It was a bit cold in the am but as soon as the sun got up it warmed up and the fishing turned on.

There was a mix of Fly Fishermen and Gear fishermen on the Train this weekend. The Gear Guys certainly had better success than the Fly guys. Everyone caught fish, but the big news of the weekend was one guy fishing with a jig and a bobber caught 11 fish on Saturday and 17 fish on Sunday. His success was a result of a couple of things. First of all, he knew what he was doing and knew the water down there very well. The second thing was his ability to fish the deepest slowest water. He said that the fish he was catching were sitting right on the bottom of the slowest moving pools he could find.
This is very difficult water for the Fly guys to fish. It is just a challenge to get your fly down deep enough. This is not to say that the Fly fishermen didn’t catch any fish. They had good success nymphing. There was even a few fish on a swinging fly with a Spey Rod.
Fun had by all. We expect the fishing to continue to heat up. The folks down there at the hatchery don’t even have the door open yet. They plan on letting the fish in starting March 1st. That tells you that the bulk of the fish have will be here in March.