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The Fishing Report

Steelhead Reported on the Wallowa River

Current Steelhead fishing report just in for the Wallowa River.  Anonymous sources have reported the fishing to be good on the Wallowa early this week.  We were surprised to hear that the river was not blown out after the huge bump of water the prior weekend.  The Grande Ronde gauge jacked up to over 5,000cfs on January 20th and was just getting back down to about 2,000cfs on Tuesday when these guys were fishing. Looks like they hit it just right as the river bumped back up to over 4,000cfs on Wednesday. 

These bumps of water are apparently getting the Steelhead moving as each angler reported catching 1 Steelhead each along with a few Rainbows and a Bull Trout.  The Winding Waters crew is mobilizing on Monday for our first test of the waters on the Wallowa for 2012.  I will let you know what we find down there.

Stay tuned for more Wallowa River Spring Steelhead action. We hope to see you on “The River”.  Contact us today to book your trip.