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Steelhead Season Winding Down…

With the sun shining and flowers blooming steelhead season has begun winding down at Winding Waters River Expeditions. While the official end date of the season is April 15, the major pulses of steelhead have made their way upstream to the hatcheries.

IMG_0591-3Reported catch counts this past week were 7 hours per angler per fish on the Wallowa, about 8 hours per fish per angler on the Grande Ronde at Rondowa, and 45 hours per fish on the Imnaha.

River levels on the Wallow-a still remain fishable. River levels on the Grande Ronde have popped above 4,000 cfs.

For best results this time of year try using stone flies or smaller Copper Johns and light pink egg patterns. Don’t ignore shallower water off of seams. Get creative with your fly fishing and it could pay off in a fish.

Thank you for reading our fishing reports this season!

-Winding Waters River Expeditions

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