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Wild Steelhead caught on Grande Ronde

Fishing guide Tom had a few guys out on the river yesterday and they found some wonderful Nov fishing conditions. Clear water dropping from a recent high of 11oo cfs down to 995 cfs and holding in that range. The water temperature was a balmy 49 degrees by the afternoon and the sun was high in the ski bringing air temps into the upper 60’s.

Tom’s anglers spent their time swinging flies through some of our favorite runs. In one spot they witnessed a pod of Steelhead “thrashing in the water. As usual they were not able to get these thrashing fish to take their offering. They seem to never be interested in biting when you see them splashing around like that. They are on the move it seems. With a few days of consistent high water temp and flow we are expecting to see a lot of steelhead moving into the area and hopefully settling down enough to be interested in taking a fly. They did however successfully trick a beautiful wild Grande Ronde River Steelhead to take a Purple Egg Sucking leech on the swing. Seen above.
Tom will be down fishing with clients for the next week so I will hopefully have some good reports coming your way. Stay tuned.
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