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The Gearboat Chronicles

Come See Winding Waters at the Sportsmen’s Show in Portland

I’m a little worried about Paul and Morgan. They’re going to that busy place called “Portland” this week. I’ve been there. It’s a strange land. They have lights in boxes hanging over the streets that tell you when you can drive and when you have to stop. Then you need to give money to other boxes if you want to leave your truck sitting somewhere for awhile.

Folks in Portland grocery stores don’t stop and lean against their shopping cart to visit with me when I say hi and ask how they’ve been doing lately. It’s very, very different from Wallowa County.

But I’m sure these guys’ll be fine. Paul and Morgan march off into the wilderness all year long, guiding ski and rafting trips, and don’t think anything of it. They’ll be fine for a week in Portland, visiting with people from their Winding Waters Rivers Expeditions booth in the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show.

But still. Stop by and see them if you’re part of our Winding Waters Portland area support group. Us country mice can use guidance from our city mice friends. We’ll tell you where the good fishing spots are in Hells Canyon if you tell us where a good Thai restaurant is in Portland.

This Sportsmen’s show is at the Portland Expo Center. Click here for directions.

Our pals at Del Sol Wilderness Adventures are going to be sharing the booth with Winding Waters. We do the Paddles and Saddles Adventure with these guys, where you get on the river and into the mountains all in one Wallowa County visit. Stop by and hear about it in person at the outdoor show.

Morgan and Paul will be there Wednesday through Sunday of this week, February 10th through the 14th. It’s open from 11 to 9 Wednesday to Friday, then 10 to 8 on Saturday and 10 to 6 Sunday.

This show has all manner of whatnot for having fun outdoors. Fly fishing clinics, how-to’s on packing a mule. I just wish they had a seminar on city driving. I’d take that. It’s ten bucks to get in, and here’s a list of those special classes if you’re interested:

Stop in and see us. I just decided I’m going to ride along as backup, so I better get packing for this trip to the big city. Let’s see, I’ll need to patch my good pair of overalls and bring enough venison jerky and dried apples to see me through the week. I kind of want to go up top on one of those tall buildings and spit over the side to see if it takes as long to fall as it does from the trail above the Snake River on the Suicide Point trail. O man, this is going to be exciting.