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The Gearboat Chronicles

Gentlemen, Start Your Lawnchairs

The sport of lawnchair racing combines cutting-edge technology with world-class athletic prowess and … OK, that’s not true at all. Really the only thing lawnchair racing requires is attaching a pair of old skis to a lawnchair and hoping you don’t crash on your way down.

But it is exciting, and you don’t often get to see a group of lawnchairs race down a hill. So lay your eyes on this highlight video from the 2010 lawnchair race, held at Ferguson Ridge Ski Area outside of Joseph, Oregon. The helmet-cam footage is spectacular, and just happened to be taken from the head of this year’s winner, Paul Arentsen of Team Winding Waters.
Ferguson Ridge is just a fifteen minute drive from Joseph. Fergi, as it’s known to friends, is run by volunteers who care about having a safe, relaxed place they and their kids can enjoy making turns on their skis or snowboards.
There’s no chairlift, but the T-bar and rope tow get you up the hill just fine. Another thing Fergi doesn’t have are high prices for lift tickets. Adults ski all day for $15 and that includes the Wallowa County atmosphere with impressive views from the top of the hill and meeting new ski buddies down on the porch at the lodge.
The lawnchair race is held during Fergifest, the end-of-season party at the small community ski hill. Snow golfing, downhill races and a snow sculpture contest are also on the Fergifest events roster.
Winter visitors to Wallowa County can find their way to the little ski hill that could by visiting the Ferguson Ridge website. But you’re on your own when it comes to designing your lawnchair racer.