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The Gearboat Chronicles

Glowing Sky Ball Appears During Campout

A strange yellow bright thing hovered in the sky all day Saturday above the Imnaha River canyon. Jackets needed to be removed to cope with a rise in temperature and people had no choice but to enjoy themselves on green grass next to a beautiful river. Kids ran around. Dogs played. Barbecues were used to barbecue delicious things. Birthday cake was passed around in honor of Paul Arentsen getting another year wiser . . . I also had a birthday, but suspect I may have just gotten another year older, minus the wiser part.

Paul got some pointers on his casting technique from his daughter Linden, an accomplished fly caster –


“Try adjusting your grip, Papa. Like this.”

The lesson paid off and Paul was soon landing this beauty of a Wallowa County fish.

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 2.13.08 PM

Justin Jones took his dog June for a walk, then tucked her under his arm to wade across the river in a spot where longer legs came in handy.


Justin, June and I saw a bat flying around in broad daylight. I got out my little point-and-shoot camera to attempt the very unlikely trick of getting a photo. I thought for sure there was no way . . . then, oh jeez, it came right for us and if I’d been ready five seconds earlier, would have had a close-up good enough to see the Count Chocula label on this bat’s collar. Did manage to capture this silhouette, though.


This little Imnaha outing was a great intro for another season of soaking up the outdoors out here in one of the seven wonders of Oregon. We had a great time and didn’t even need skis or snowshoes. I’ll be darned. Last year on the same weekend white flakes were falling from the cold-cold sky. Great to share such beautiful weather with a pack of such good friends and family rolling in from near and far. Paul and Kari split the big pot in a poker tournament. Todd broke out his shadow puppet theater. Chef Jake conjured the best tasting buffalo I’ve ever crossed paths with. We even caught some fish. Here’s Jeff Yanke mid-photo shoot.


Check out the Les Schwab free beef hat on Mike Midlo here, kicking back with Kristy Athens.


Camping is good. Camping next to a river is better. Bunch of nice people soaking up sunshine on a swell spring day better yet.

Happy spring, y’all.