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The Gearboat Chronicles

Mo Jenkies At Work

This Morgan Jenkins guy has rafted Hells Canyon over one-hundred and twenty-some times, last I counted the notches on his Pelican case.

Here’s a few shots of Mojo from our last tour. That fetching wagon wheel scene is up on the bench at Saddle Creek, where Morgan, Jordan Manley and I had a chance to inspect farm implements while the botany crew was up in the hills on the hunt for Bartonberry bushes.

Driving out of Dug Bar is an eye-opener if you’ve never had the pleasure. It’s a long and windy road straight out of a Beatles song, with miles of groovy country sprawled out all over the compass. Mo is up on top of the gear stack on the back of the pickup to capture helmet-cam footage. Always on task, that guy, even after the boats are rolled up and we’re off the river.