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The Gearboat Chronicles

Name That Gearboat Contest

Winding Waters took delivery of a spanky-new and very large raft, built at the Aire shipyards in Boise. Designed to withstand extreme loads, the new gearboat should handle the largest Hells Canyon whitewater expedition and also work in a pinch as a temporary floating bridge for the highway at Minam if that ever washes out. Just lay some 2x12s across and send the semis over.


Todd figuring how many kilometers of straps it will take to rig this beast.

Here we see Paul measuring the new personnel boat on top of the even bigger new gearboat. Measurement came out to Big and 5/16ths.


Our last Aire gearboat is sometimes called ‘Big Blue,’ which now puts us in a bind. ‘Even Bigger Blue’ doesn’t exactly tapdance off the tongue. So we’re looking for a name. Situations like this are exactly why the Winklevoss Sisters invented The Facebooks, so we’re throwing open the naming rights, with a grand prize of an official Winding Waters snazzy t-shirt or hat from The Boathouse Shop, to be awarded to the bestest name.

To enter, go to the Winding Waters Facebooks page, Name That Gearboat entry, and have at ‘er. Ground rules: Name should imbue (is that a word?) the vessel with noble and stately qualities, call to mind the core values of Winding Waters River Expeditions and sound cool. Or, whatever. Any name, really, as long as it’s awesome. Limit 4,000 entries per person.

Speaking of snazzy gear from the Winding Waters Boathouse Shop, it’s back in action this week. Check it –

Boathouse Shop Sees Its Shadow

Some things take a wee bit longer to reach Wallowa County than other places. Thinks like packages, fashion sense and Spring. But I knew Spring had arrived when I looked out my window the other day and saw sunshine on new green grass. I looked again and it was snowing. Then more sun, another snow flurry. Some wind for good measure. And that’s our version of spring.

But sure as that marmot in Bill Murray’s home town can predict spring, when the door to the Winding Waters Boathouse Shop finally swings open for the season, it’s on. Great news. Especially for Tammy, who’s been waiting outside for a week, Black Friday style.


You can get in line behind Tammy this weekend. Shop’ll be open Saturdays & Sundays in May, 10 in the morn to 5 in the eve.

Then from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend, summer hours will be 10am to 5 pm 7 out of 7 days a week.
Penny’s found new gear to check out so get on down there.