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The Gearboat Chronicles

Owyhee Bound

Headed out for four days on the Owyhee River in southeast Oregon, and I’m happy about it. Been wanting to check out that stretch of river from Rome to Leslie Gulch for several years. Hotsprings and cool rock formations that give it the reputation as Oregon’s Grand Canyon. Should be good.

Got some updates from Winding Waters crew recently. Caitlyn is in Portland, working on an all-lady construction crew. Said her crew is featured this month in a trade magazine, so she’s famous. She’s heading this way in a couple weeks for the Enterprise High School senior class trip and I hope she has time afterwards to stay and finish remodeling my cabin. My carpentry will never get me in a magazine and it’d be nice to have this place finished by a celebrity.

Sam is also heading this way in his Mercedes bus. He’s been retrofitting this diesel-powered monster for a few years, and plans to convert it to run on french fry oil. I think you can add a little ketchup to the fuel for increased horsepower.

Let’s see . . . young Patrick Baird, our apprentice gearboatman from Youtube fame will be graduating from high school in a couple weeks. He’s bound for the University of Oregon next year. From all accounts, his term as class president this year went smooth and polls show a high approval rating for his administration. No word yet on where he’ll build his presidential library. I think Caitlyn’s construction crew should get the bid.

All right, I’ve got a boat on a trailer to go pick up. Buy some ice, fill some propane tanks and get myself over to Rome, Oregon so I can get on the water tomorrow for that Owyhee trip. Man, I love this job.