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Rafting: An Unforgettable Family Friendly Vacation

Already planning your family’s next summer vacation? Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience that’s great for both kids and adults? Want to get off the beaten path and experience the wilderness without the crowds you’ll find at national parks? Don’t want to miss out on luxurious amenities and delicious food? Want someone else to handle all the planning and details, allowing you and your family to bond and relax?

A fully guided whitewater rafting trip from Winding Waters River Expeditions might be the perfect vacation for you and your family!

At Winding Waters River Expeditions we offer a wide variety of multi-day whitewater rafting trips throughout the summer. You’ll find us guiding families on trips down the:

– Snake River through Hells Canyon
– Salmon River
– Grand Ronde River

See all of our whitewater rafting trips and reserve your space today.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about why families love our guided rafting trips and how you can start planning your trip!


Kids Love…

Our whitewater rafting trips in Eastern Oregon and Idaho are perfect for kids as young as 5 years old. Our guides love helping kids discover the fun of rafting and showing them everything nature has to offer!

Kids are curious, adventurous, and just want to have fun! Whitewater rafting is the perfect way to help them engage with the natural world around them.



Our whitewater rafting trips offer kids (and adults) the opportunity to see incredible animals in their natural habitats. On our trips, your kids can see Bald Eagles, River Otters, Bighorn Sheep, Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Sturgeon, and other incredible animals!

Our guides will teach them about the animals they see and they’ll be amazed by the incredible animals Mother Nature has to offer.


History & Geology

Most kids (and many adults) don’t realize just how rich the history of the natural world really is.

On whitewater rafting trips, our guides will arrange for brief stops to explore pictograph and homesteader sites along the river. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to learn about the people that inhabited the area hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

In addition to human history, we’ll teach you and your family about how the rivers and canyons were formed by flowing water over millions of years! We’ll show you how rock formations changed and evolved over time and how the river you’re floating on came to be!


Kids (and parents) will love the fun of rafting under the care of our professional guides through world-class whitewater rapids. It’s like a natural rollercoaster! There really is nothing like it!

Learning New Skills

It’s amazing how fast kids can absorb new information. Our guides are great teachers and love helping kids learn new skills. During your whitewater rafting vacation, your kids might learn how to:
– Paddle a kayak
– Fish for Rainbow Trout and Smallmouth Bass
– Accurately identify different animals and plants
– Much more…


Parents Love…

We know that moms and dads need to have a fun time, too!

As parents ourselves here at Winding Waters River Expeditions, we understand the need for a vacation where you can sit back, relax, and not worry about the details. Our rafting trips are perfect family vacations- we take care of it all.

When you organize a road trip or camping trip, it’s up to you to do all the planning and all the work. But when you book a whitewater rafting trip, we do it all. Our guides:

– Cook delicious healthy meals from local ingredients (ask us if you have special dietary needs or preferences)
– Set up and break down camp every day, including luxurious tents
– Create a fun-filled plan for each day, including activities and itinerary

Your guides will take care of every detail. You just have to be ready to enjoy an unforgettable family vacation that everyone will love!


Questions From Moms and Dads

“What Else Is There to Do in the Area?”

You might be interested in exploring the Joseph, Oregon area either before or after your whitewater rafting trip. There’s plenty to do for kids and adults:

  1. Visit the farmers market
  2. Ride mountain bikes
  3. Eat at a few of our awesome restaurants like Terminal Gravity Brew Pub
  4. Take a hike around Maxwell Lake

Want to know what else there is to do near Joseph? Read more in our guide to the area.

“Is Rafting Safe?”

We take great pride in watching out for every possible risk for our guests.

You’ll receive expert instruction from our guides before (and during) your trip. We provide helmets, life jackets, and the other safety equipment needed for a fun and relaxing adventure.

“My Kids Spend More Time On Their iPads Than They Do Outside. Will They Like Rafting?”

You’d be surprised how fast kids will forget about video games and iPads when they’re enjoying the great outdoors. Our guides will show them natural wonders and keep them engaged and having a fun time. One tip: We recommend that parents set a good example by minimizing their own screen time, too!

“What Do We Need to Bring On Our Trip?”

Start by checking out our trip planning guide here.

A few tips for families:

– Don’t bring irreplaceable toys and stuffed animals
– Leave electronics at home
– Bring a few books to read at night
– Don’t forget sunscreen
– Bring a few snack treats to reward good behavior (s’mores are great!)
– Camera: GoPros are a great way to capture memories


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