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The Gearboat Chronicles

Rafting Resolutions 2012

Flip the page on the calendar and run a highlighter across rafting season, because 2012 is coming right for us.

To help ready ourselves for another rotation around the sun, The Gearboat Chronicles presents Rafting Resolutions, 2012 Edition.

I will skip a rock.

 Look at that surface tension, begging to be interrupted 6 or 8 or more times.

 It’s a wrist thing. Just sort of . . . flick it. Choice of rock is crucial. Even one-skip rocks, aka ‘just throwing it in the river’ are clinically proven to rejuvenate receptors in your brain that make you happy to be on planet earth. Skipping rocks is rated in the Top Ten Things You Don’t Miss Doing Until You Do Them Again. It’s a go-to activity for many reasons, but mainly just because. Preferred location: river.

 I will remember that Hells Canyon is the deepest gorge in the lower 48 for a reason and that makes it big and awesome and fun when you blast down in a whitewater raft.

As waterlines go, that one is on the impressive side.

If you haven’t seen Hells Canyon, you ought to. And if you have, odds are you’d like to see it again. Springtime, Summer, Fall, they all have their charms in Hells Canyon. The name is intimidating. The rafting is fun. The scenery makes you feel small. The experience makes you feel big. It’s got a lot going on.

I will sleep under the stars.

Rated high on the list of most rafters, sleeping out is a fine thing. The river lapping at the beach, The Milky Way pouring across the sky, crickets….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I will get splashed and pretend I don’t want to but secretly love it.

Sometimes you really don’t want to get wet. Most times, though. . . .

I will spend time in a hammock.


Sit in it. Sleep in it. Take a nap. Read. Snooze. Think about everything or think about nothing. Hammocks are suspended greatness. It’s like telling gravity you’re going to take a timeout and be comfortable while you do it.

We’re just getting started here, but this should get you started on things to do this upcoming year. The river is prime territory for all of these and if you’d like to get on the water we’d love to take you.

Happy New Year from Winding Waters River Expeditions and The Gearboat Chronicles.