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The Gearboat Chronicles

Raftolutions for 2011

Here’s what I’m telling myself in 2011 —

Slow the flexi-flyer sled down before the cattleguard. Running into a snowbank to stop last-minute is effective, but cold.

Related: Tuck my shirt in before sledding. Snow down your back is cold.

Take fashion tips from Captain Morgan — any guy who can pull off 70’s-era moonboots and a vintage one-piece snowsuit with grace should be an inpiration to those of us who don’t tuck our shirts in. The guy’s got style. And so does Tara.

Find another word for ‘cute’ when referring to baby Linden. This will be a challenge. Because she is cute. But you can only say it so many times. I need to branch out.

Precious? Adorable? Super-cute?

Wave at jetboaters more.

Improve my wishes when I see falling stars on the river. I keep wishing to see another one, and it happens…I just might be squandering wishes.

Spend more time in a hammock.

Use dental floss more often. It makes great thread for sewing up torn camping gear and river clothes.

Fish more. Those bumper stickers are right. I would rather be fishing.

Get a bumper sticker.

Call Mom.

Change the name of Hells Canyon to Heavens Canyon.

Call Dad.

Think up another word to describe how clear Salmon River water is.

Make a perfect dutch oven pineapple upside-down cake.

…and I resolve to smile at things all the time, the same way you do right when you’re pushing off for a river trip.

Happy New Year from Winding Waters River Expeditions.