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The Gearboat Chronicles



You may not be aware of this, but Winding Waters has a quality control division where we test the water each year before rafting season to ensure it’s up to par.

Before it becomes whitewater in Hells Canyon, the Salmon or Grande Ronde rapids, water is created through a complex process known as “science,” though it used to be called “magic.”

Through this science-magic, frozen drops of water form on the windshields of cars or trucks in the Wallowa Valley, which are then scraped off and become creeks, then they get promoted to rivers.

Some of this water falls on roads and in mountains, where we send our quality checkers to ski on the frozen rivers of tomorrow. If the skiing is no good, we call off rafting season. We just won’t take clients rafting on water that isn’t wet enough. That’s our commitment to quality. Try finding a guarantee like that from other outfitters. You won’t.

And we don’t stop at just skiing. We do a control group with runner sleds, and it’s rather an exciting field of research. We don’t advertise this too much, but Santa trains for his big game by coming by the Winding Waters sled course to keep in shape. That guy is fearless, I’m telling you. Doesn’t drag his boots on the corners to slow down or nothin’. He’s full-bore.

So take a gander at this rare footage of the WWRE sled zone. Note the helmets. We started wearing those after an injury where somebody smiled too hard and sprained their lips. The helmets keep your facial features from overextending, and we’re all about safety.

So if you find yourself in the Wallowas outside of rafting season, call for a sledding adventure. There is no off season with us. We have fun on the water whatever form it’s in.