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The Gearboat Chronicles

Steelhead Fever

Vital signs are normal. Not running a temperature. But I’ve got the fever. A fever for the steelhead. I’ve tried more cowbell, but it’s not helping. Took a handful of baby aspirin – no relief. So I’ve got my bags packed and heading for the Imnaha Canyon.

Fitting those firewood rounds in a duffel is tricky

The plan is to latch into some stellar fishing and not have the energy to drive back home, as my arms will be noodles from all that fish play and in no shape to turn a steering wheel. Stay the night and get in more spectacular fishing.

The Imnaha River came up considerably, from about 200 cubic feet per second to 290 three days ago. Then yesterday it jumped to 360 cfs. Don’t know if I’ll get down there and find the waters muddied too much to fish or not. But I’m sure enough going to find out.

Tom and clients coaxed this lovely lady out of the Wallowa River last Thursday. Little bit of moisture that day, so the lens is foggy but you get the idea. Nice. Big. Bright.

We had to blur the face of this steelhead…it’s in the Steelhead Protection Program. Whereabouts a deep secret.

March is a cross between a lamb and a lion these days. A lambion, I guess. But the Wallowa has been holding so far and these fish are homing in – so get on Tom’s schedule and get yourself on the end of a fly rod with that gratifying sound of line being taken off your reel. Love that noise. Just love it.

I’ll check in with a report from the Imnaha, and Tom’s going out again on the Wallowa. Where are you fishing? I keep hearing Tom say this lately: “This is the time to be out there.”