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The Gearboat Chronicles

Steelhead movin’ on up the Grande Ronde

Take heed, fisherfolks: Winding Waters fishing guide Tom Farnum has made contact with heads of steel above the sleepy village of Troy, Oregon.

Farnum and cohort Brian Oliver, pictured below grasping a fish, each landed a steelie last week above Troy, which is good news for everyone that they’re moving up the system, but especially fine news for our crew down there right now enjoying four days of catered meals and deluxe camps along the Wallowa and Grande Ronde on their steelhead sortee from Minam to Troy.

Tom and Brian picked these fish up on the swing. We had some rain late last week, then the flows settled. More lightish rain last couple days and settling again. Should be good. Should be real good.

This wild fish was so wild it wouldn’t hold still for the camera.

If you want to carpe four diems with a super-cush steelhead mission of your very own….we make the coffee, the dinners, the lunches, the breakfasts-es….heat up the wall tent, chip the cocktail ice — the only thing we don’t do is catch the fish for you. And, hey, if you’d rather go that route we can do that too.

If that sounds up your alley, then depress your mouse button upon this right here and start gathering your waders and fly boxes.

I’ve got my fishing gear by the door, ready to go just as soon as I finish up some winterizing and pre-winter projects….but I’ll tell you what, today I very nearly chucked the responsible route and just went fishing. Still might, truth be told. And tomorrow I fear I won’t even pretend to do anything other than head straight for the river.

See you there.