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Reading List


  • “Archaeology of Oregon”- M. Aikensgear_chair
  • “I Will Fight No More Forever”-M. Beal
  • “A Little Bit of Wisdom” – H.Axtell
  • “The Doing of the Thing”- V. Welch, B. Dimock, C. Conley
  • “The Last Voyageur”- V. Welch
  • “A Song Heard in a Strange Land”.-M. Blood
  • “Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce”.- R. Warren
  • “Chief Joseph Country. – B. Gulick
  • “Children of Grace. – B. Hampton
  • “Following the Nez Perce Trail”.- C. Wilfong
  • “Do Them No Harm”. – Z. Swayne
  • “I Will Tell of My War Story”.- S. Thompson
  • “Nez Perce Coyote Tails”.- D. Walker
  • “Nez Perce Dictionary”-H. Aoki
  • “Salmon and His People.- D. Landeen
  • “Faces of a Reservation” – C. Stowell
  • “Earliest Man of America in Oregon” – D. Tyler
  • “Cultural Resource Overview of BLM Lands in Central Oregon”- K. Toepel
  • “Mission to the Umatilla” – K, Carr
  • “Yakima, Palouse, Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla, and Wanapum Indians: A Historical Bibliography”-C. Trafzer


  • “Wallowa and Grande Ronde Rivers” USDA
  • “From the Wallowas” Grace Bartlett
  • “Nature Rambles in the Wallowas”  E. Stevenson
  • “Of Men and Mountains” Chief Justice W.O. Douglas
  • “School Days in the Wallowas: a History of 91 Schools & Communities, Past and Present, Wallowa Co.” Irene Barklow


  • “Snake River of Hells Canyon” J. Carrey
  • “50 Hikes in Hells Canyon” R. Ostertag
  • “Hells Canyon National Recreation Area” USDA
  • “Home Below Hells Canyon” G. Jordan
  • “Story of Hells Canyon” G. Tucker
  • “Trails of Western Idaho” B. Smith
  • “Archaeology of Hells Canyon” M. Pavesi
  • “Hells Canyon Deepest Gorge on Earth” W.Ashworth
  • “Islands and Rapids” T. Vallier
  • “The Vultures.” R. Howard
  • “The River of No Return” Carrey & Conley


  • “Steelhead Fly Fishing” T. Combs
  • “Flyfishing For Summer Steelhead” J. Shewey
  • “Steelhead Country” S. Raymond
  • “Steelhead Flyfishing and Flies” T. Combs
  • “Dry Line Steelhead” B. McMillan
  • “Carp On the Fly” B. Reynolds
  • “101 Flyfishing Tips” L. Kreh
  • “40 Best Trout Flies” R. Alley
  • “All About Trout” J. Holt
  • “Dry fly fishing” D Hughes
  • “Flyfishing for Smallmouth” H. Murray
  • “Smallmouth Strategies for Flyrod” W. Ryan
  • “Stream Smallmouth Fishing” T. Holschlag